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The Federation Academy is owned and managed by the New Zealand Federation of Disability Information Centres. This initiative was orignally planned to provide training and micro-credentialling for staff working in our Member organisations, however, many other organisations in the sector have expressed their interest in having relevant, easily accessed and reasonably priced training available for their staff. Therefore the Academy will provide many Courses that are open to anyone.

Our Courses are built and maintained on the iQualify platform. This is an online learning environment that enables students to access learning at their convenience, any time and any place, on any device. It can only lead to better outcomes for our learners and their employers.

Students who successfully complete our Courses will be awarded an Open Badge. Open Badges are verifiable and portable with embedded metadata about skills and achievements. Our badges comply with the IMS Open Badges 2.0 standard and are shareable across the web. Badges are a well adopted and secure form of digital recognition and by using them we will be joining thousands of other companies around the world who award achievement in this way. Once awarded, third parties can check out the validity of the badge, see who issued it, when it was issued, and the criteria used for awarding the badge. Badges are designed and issued by us, then they’re verified by iQualify. We will also provide students with a Certificate that they can print and display in their workplace.

Helping us bring this initiative to you are:

Aotearoa Gaming Trust and The Lottery Grants Board

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